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Movie Opinions. [03 May 2009|10:47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

A day or two later than I intended to post them, but better late than never.

First off, "Obsessed".
Summary (more or less): This woman is a temp working at a company. She pretty much falls for her boss on sight. Problem is, her boss is happily married. Well, she gets him drunk, molests him, flashes him in his car, more drunk molestation, and  finallty an epic cat-fight/showdown. ...It's better than I made it sound, promise.
My opinion: It was really awesome. There was actually a good degree of character development all around, which is rare in movies like this. I actually plan to get the DVD when it comes out. Te fight int he end between the stalker and the guy's wife was wonderful. I mean, it wasn't your typical 'girl' fight. They were throwing each other into walls, breaking stuff, itwas like...Wrestling, almost...only with no metal chairs or steriods involved. The only thing is I feel like the guy said a few things to the stalker-girl only on that, even if he meant them in an 'I'm being nice' way, he shouldn't have said beccause they almost seemed loaded to come back and bite him in the ass. Like, for instance "If I was single..." Overall, it was awesome though.I loved it.

Now for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".
Summary: The life story of everyon's favorite claw-wheilding Canadian mutant.
My opinion: I want to see it again. Right now. I feel really dorky for having gone to see it the dday it came out, but it's all good. There were parts of it I was a bit dissappointed in (Like Sabertooth being Wolverine's brother, and Gambit's accent not being as strong as I'd like...and Cyclops being there) But overall, the good really outweighed the bad. And for anyone who's thinking of seeing it for Hugh Jackman, but isn't sure about the whole 'X-men thing, I have Seven words for you:
Convinced yet? xDD Anyway, it's really cool, and offers some insight into Wolverine. I loved it, and even if I can't go see it in theaters, I'm preordering the DVD as soon as humanly possible. I'm hoping that Gambit might get a movie eventually, because he's too cool a character to be ignored.

And one a semi-related, non-movie note: I ordered the first two volumes of the X-men cartoon from the 90's esterday. That show was made of win, and I'm glad it's finally being released on DVD.

Night, all. ^^

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*bounces happily in seat* [01 May 2009|07:40am]
[ mood | happy ]

Nothing creative/literary here, just rather excited. Despite the fact that it's far too early in the morning for my taste (just after 7:30 in the morning) I'm looking forward to thoday.

Bobbie is coming to pick up Sierra and me. We're going to hang out with her at her job for an hour, and then we're going to see 'Obsessed'. After that, Bobbie's going back to work, but Sierra and I are going to see 'Wolverine'! *happy dance of joy*

I love Hugh Jackman.  <3

Later today, we're ging out to eat too. *happy*

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Musings And Such... [28 Apr 2009|03:32pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I've been pondering quite a few new story ideas, and now it's just a matter of what to write first.

I recently reread my Fruits Basket fic, 'Zodiac' and I've decided I'm going to attempt to rewrite and repost it. I realized I tried to cram too much plot into too few chapters. Overall, it felt far too rushed, and I want to go back and give it the attention it deserved. I love that story, so I would rather wait until I can treat it properly than to let it die.

I've got a partially written Death Note fluff sitting on my comp at the moment. It's actually complete enough that I could post it as is, if I so desired, but I feel like it needs something more. I usually don't have such a hard time writing fluffy-cute, but for some reason, this one isn't coming as easily as my fluff fics usually do.

I've decided to try writing a few things I never thought I would before. I think challenging myself is what's really been pulling my creativity out of me lately. I recently wrote my first Dark fic. It was Death Note, and what little feedback I've gotten on it seemed to be positive.

I've also recently been toying with the idea of writing a Fantasy AU Weiss Kreuz story. I've got the basics, like about what sort of fantasy races and who will be what, figured out, but i've gome to one big problem: I can't think of a decent plot. I've discovered with my older stories, it is better to think of a plot first, rather than try to force one onto the story once I have some written on it already. That was what happened with 'Zodiac', and some of the others.

I've also been toying with writing a genderswitch. Most likely for Death Note. I've had a couple idea, but i'm not sure which to go with. I used to be against the concept, primarily because I'd usually only see it as a way for people to pair two characters without having yaoi, or to let them have kids without mpreg/adoption/whatever. It bugged me when people woud be like "I like so and so together, but yaoi's gross, so I'll make one of them a girl!" It's like...if you like them together, you like yaoi(well, specifically shonen-ai, but whatever) because, when you get down to it, they're still guys. -_-;;

Recently, though, I've read a few genderswitch fics, by people who do, in fact like yaoi/shounen-ai, that's sort of made me rethink it all. I've go a vague idea for an Light/Girl!L fic, and an even more vague idea for a Mello/Girl!Matt. I'd be lying if I said the latter wasn't almost entirely inspired by tierfal as I've read one with Girl!Matt she wrote that i loved. Of course, she's like MiaoShou...everything i've read by her has been epically awesome.

I've also had a couple ideas for some one-shot Sailor Moon Crossovers. One of them is with Death Note, and was based on a conversation I had with aneoqueensereni about fannon and theories that Mello/Matt/Near was really L's son. I've also wanted to write a Sailor Moon/Harry Potter crossover loosely based on the movie 'Stardust'. Very underdeveloped but still. ^^;;

Meh, I don't know...too many ideas and yet not enough inspiration to persue any of them right away...

Well, that's all for my musings for now, I suppose. i need to find a ride to Walmart, as the puppies are out of food. See you all later. ^^

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Hello, all. <3 [27 Apr 2009|12:23am]
[ mood | content ]

I realize it's been forever since I posted anything Here. Truth be told, I've had so much happen lately. Truth be told, everything seems to have changed, and I didn't even feel like the same person who used to post quizes and crap here. So I changed the layout (Death Note, my rabid obsession since May of last year. xD) and deleted my old posts. I could've just made a new account, but I'm fond of my 'Vera-Sama' persona.

I'm going to try and update here more often, and plan to use this account primarily muse on my various creative things. I may post little snippits and such here, as I usually tend to get an ida and write a scene or two right away. Don't be fooled however, i will continue to post personal things here as well.I need somewhere to let my feelings out, after all. I'll try to remember to label myposts so you can skip the personal crap if you so desire.

As for what's changed, if anyone still reads this that used to. I had eye surgery January of last year. I don't see any better (actually, my sight has gotten worse, I think) but my glaucoma is under control. No more drops and such. ^^ The downside was I had to drop my classes last spring because I was still recovering.

I started to go back last fall, but i was still having trouble seeing. And then my mother got sick. I dropped to stay home with her and take care of her and my grandmother. My mother went into the hospital on September 14, 2008, her birthday, and passed away on September 20. She had liver failure caused by her diabities and they said they found evidence of ovarian cancer. It was quite ard for my father and I to decide not to resessitate, bust she said before she didn't want that. When she started to have seizures, we had them take her off of the machines. She passed on just three days shy of the second anniversary of my brother Roger's, momma's oldest son's, death. Needless to say, september will be a difficult month for me for a few years, but I'll manage.

The hardest adjustment has been handling meals and chores. My father is completely blind, nd I am mostly blind, so neither of us drive. Thankfully, Bobbie takes me to run errands. When she can't, Sierra and her mother do. I'm thankful for my friends. My father does most of the household chores, and cooking falls to me. I'm slowly learning, bt e still eat a lot of take-out and frozen dinners. xD

For those who recall the years of agony caused by my brother and his wife living with us, they moved out a couple weeks after my mother died. They realized my father and I were sick and tired of dealing with them. They moved to Texas, and I haven' t heard from them since Christmas. It's...nice...to not be surrounded by tension and anger all the time.

I'm not back in school yet, but I intend to try and return for the fall. I'm considering changing majors, to what, I'm not sure, but as I said, i don't feel like the same person I used to be. I was able to stay a spoiled, secluded child for so long, and now I've had to grow up quickly. It's a difficult adjsutmeant, but I'm dealing. I'm goign to contact a local low vision center about taking classes such as 'home ec' and 'basic living for the blind'. I've also considered learning braille.

I suppose that's all for now. Thanks for reading, if anyone did. I promise to be far more active than I used to be. =^-^=

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